Congratulations to Ryan for passing his comprehensive exam! He hypothesized that EGFR/EphA2 heterodimerization can be regulated through dynamic EGFR activation states. He designed a system to measure dimerization kinetics in native membrane nanodiscs through a single-molecule pulldown technique paired with TIRF microscopy.

Fran invited lab members and their significant others to a dinner party at his house. Fran and his family prepared a delicious Spanish- and Brazilian-influenced meal highlighted with a large platter of pork paella. Of course, Fran’s dog Simba was the life of the party!

At the 2023 Biophysical Society annual meeting in San Diego, Jen received a Student Research Achievement Award for her poster presentation on PET1, a pH-responsive transmembrane peptide ligand that inhibits EGFR

At the 2022 Biophysical Society annual meeting in San Francisco, Boomer received a travel award and presented a poster on our recent work on the C. albicans virulence factor candidalysin

Another distanced defense celebration for Dr. Katherine

Celebrating Justin’s defense in a socially distanced way

Vanessa and Alayna presenting their research at the 2018 Women in STEM symposium

Vanessa presenting at the 2nd Molecular Biophysics Symposium at Virginia Tech
Vanessa at VT

Exploring Virginia Tech after the 2nd Molecular Biophysics Symposium

Vanessa, Katherine, and Justin marched on the Capitol in Washington D.C… with coffee

The lab hiked to a rainy Cascade Falls in Virginia!

Haden and Justin represented the Barrera Lab in the World’s largest human letter

Not all achievements are academic!! Haden and Justin survived Chaiyo’s spicy level 30 test, and are now in the “board of the braves”!!

Fran and Justin at the FASEB Molecular Biophysics of Membranes conference in Colorado
Group Photo

The Ocoee River rafting trip was a success!P6020004.jpg

The Lab circa 2016
From left to right: Justin, Kristen, Forrest, Kenyi (above),
Fran, Vanessa, Daiane, Haden

Some of us at the 2014 ORNL Biomembrane Workshop:
Biomembranes Workshop-8x10

Vanessa and Hannah like to prepare her liposomes…

You can extrude in pairs…

If you want keep Daiane happy, keep your dirty hands out of ther her cells!

 The lab (from top left to bottom right):
Fran, Haden, Vanessa, Treissy, Daiane,
Hannah, Kristen, Jo and Forrest

 Haden, Jo and Forrest, Christmas 2014
Jo, Haden and Forrest XSmas 2014

  The lab, Christmas 2014

How to celebrate a birthday and a paper?
First pitch at UT baseball game
UT baseball first pitch March 2016