Laboratory Guidance

Guidelines of the Barrera lab                                                              Undergraduate guide

How to succeed in science (by Enrique De La Cruz)

Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology: General Laboratory Techniques

Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology


National Institutes of Health                                                       National Science foundation     American Heart Association                                                           American Cancer Society                Life Science Research Foundation

Computational Tools

Rosetta-Membrane                                 OCTOPUS (TM pred)                    Robetta

PREDDIMER               Database of 3D membrane protein structures

EsPASy proteomic tools                    Calculate the parameters of your protein

       Intro to UNIX                               Clustal Omega Protein sequence alignment

Protein domain prediction             Number of Lipid Molecules per Liposome

Phosphopedia                            Protein search                  Protein alphabet (NIGMS)          Justin’s github            AlphaFold Protein Structure Database  


    ITC signup                               G to R.P.M. conversion                       Using an Automatic Pipet


               Snoopers                      Buffer Tables                       Properties of organic solvents

Cellular reporters


Pubmed            ResearchGate            Scopus              ORCID                 ISI Journal Citation Reports


BCMB 401 (Biochemistry I)


                    Biophysical Journal  Submit  Page Estimate                 JACS

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics            ACS Manuscript Central

               The Journal of Biological Chemistry Instructions for Authors

Molecular Pharmaceutics


What is Expected of a Ph.D. Student or Postdoctoral Fellow in the Lab?  (Sanders)

Designing Effective Scientific Presentations (McConnell)

Tools for Science (Arjun Raj’s)